Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fav apps and themes

Thunar, Krusader, Sakura(term), dmenu, gmrun, smplayer and vlc, amarok + amarok full screen, k3b, Mirage (image viewer), gedit, kompozer , sylheed, xdiskusage, Clonezilla (backup), jdiskreport.jdownloader,xgamma, EnvyNG, Cairo-dock, ePDFViewer, firefox with adblock plus, mediaplayerconnectivity, foxmarks, stumble, fastdial, fireftp, image fetcher, google notebook,linkification and download statusbar.
Force Quit button, Synaptic, HPLIP Toolbox, Conky.
Couldn't leave utorrent and EAC

Two setups for two users: a gnome and openbox user
Fav gnome theme : Aquarius with Dropline Neu icons
Fav openbox theme: Tranquility:
with this wallpaper:
another nice one:

Fav fonts Deja Vu Sans Book and Undotum

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