Sunday, December 23, 2007

For learning and experimentatiion Virtual Linux with VM Ware

Safe experimenting can be done on a virtual pc; but it ain't the real thing which you notice when you're using your own machine.
But the real advantage compared to Live Cd's is that you can gather software and build your system to what you like it to be.

Download the free VMPlayer here

Choose the Linux distro you want here

Next Puppy with it's on form of being on your pc without interfering with you system ( no partitioning)

What is different in the Linux vs. the Windows file system?

File management in Linux is very different and quite difficult to get used too for a windows_slave.

1. first the way the partitions are built and used and the way the files are stored and activated is quite different; the hierarchy of the way files are accessed and used is totally different( more precise: Linux doesn't have a hierarchy as such); the engine works completely different;
On most linux systems you will find:
/bin Essential command binaries
/boot Static files of the boot loader
/dev Device files
/etc Host-specific system configuration
/lib Essential shared libraries and kernel modules
/media Mount point for removeable media
/mnt Mount point for mounting a filesystem temporarily
/opt Add-on application software packages
/sbin Essential system binaries
/srv Data for services provided by this system
/tmp Temporary files
/usr Secondary hierarchy
/var Variable data

2. these differences are reflected in the way files can be managed or manipulated and the rights you have to do so. As a naive Windows user you have the feeling: why is this not possible; where can I find this etc? The logic behind it is the stability of the structure and a certain logic that is quite beautiful, if you are sensitive to technology in this way.

3. 'Windows Manager' + 'File Manager' = 'Explorer' in Win XP
The way files are managed and the way windows are shown are united in one mode in Windows but in Linux can be shown (windows) and managed (filesystem) in many different ways, exact to your own liking.
(for further reading see Header: File Managers.
4. Installing software is a totally different matter than in Windows: in Windows it comes down to downloading a zip and most of the time an installpogram will place it in Program Files and leave a shortcut on the desktop or so.
In Linux distro's the are many different options and ways of installing and more precautions. Each distro has its own packhouse of software and with a very easy program you can choose from the desktop what you want; but there many other ways like downloading a tar.gz (like zip) file that has to be unpacked, moved to the right location; installed under the right rights, there may be dependencies (like dll's) there are missing and can be tracked down with synaptic help program.


You will find a simple course on the Unix file system here.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Linux is not windows

Essential article about what the experienced Windows emigrant has to know when entering Linux world; history, customs, acceptable behavior, communitey etc.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Why moving??

Why do I want out of M$_land?
For a million reasons that we gathered in a twelve years of using MS operation systems: Win 95, (a bit Win 311 for the sake of some older software). Win 2000 and Xp.

The most essential reason is that M$ has been consequently manipulating their customers with only one aim in sight : control and profit ( hey, that's two; no just two flip sides of the same coin). Next to that they are so damn hypocritical : masters in robbing others ideas and marketing them as their own, they are the first to claim digital rights and making lots of money out of it.

In 1995 I bought my first pc because my daughter is severely disabled and could use the possibilities of adapted software. I saw a demonstration of a Acorn RISC OS computer, a wonderful machine with great software on it that was much used in schools. Still the local pc guru strongly advised buying a pc with Windows 95 and I listened to him and he was right in a way. But still I am also responsible for the loss of quality we faced with the victory of M$.

Recently I bought a new quad processor pc for some friends and prepared it for them.
My first meeting with Vista was typical: the control panel got lost without any explainable reason and only after very much searching I found a patch.
The visual sweetness is suffocating, no, it's really time to have a change.


Linux vs. Windows: Why Linux will win

And after some fiddling around with live cd's/dvd's of Ubuntu. Mandrake, Knoppix etc, I know the hardware recognition problems are nearly solved and ... and..
The question is, I think not so much anymore:is Linux ready for me but am I capable of adjusting to the save and different way of doings things in Linux.

Postscriptum: using Puppy Linux I found Rox filer as a file manager; it's a descendant of the Acorn riscOS way of moving files etc. I was sincerely touched!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

"No root file system is defined"

"No root file system is defined" This error I got when I tried to reinstall Xubuntu after a first install that went ok but was corrupted. The reason of this corruption was that I tried to make a triple boot configuration (Puppy Linux, Xubuntu and Win2000- more about that later). But this proved of no importance to solve this problem:

The solution to this problem was very simple.
My mistake was that I had already partitioned the hard drive for Linux with Partition Magic, so from Win 2000.
What I should have done and did later was resize my Windows partition first and create unused space (with Partition Magic) and than let gparted, the linux partitioner do the rest of the job of partitioning during the (X)ubuntu install. The most simple and effective way was of course to let the Ubuntu install do the whole job. But that you get when you have to leave trusted tools; you keep using them as long as possible...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Prevent MBR problems with GAG on a Floppy

Ever had the notification; "no operation system found".
If you don't know what to do, you can get rather upset by this.
I already gave the solution in the preceding entry.

But you can prevent this tight spot by installing and configurating the Gag, the graphical boot manager beforehand on a floppy disk.
It saved me rather quick; it's an easy solution, because when you manage to get in your Windows installation, you won't have to repair anything any more.
BTW don't forget to check in your BIOS if your floppy drive is bootable.

Tip link:

How to Change the Boot Order

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MBR problems

Mistake 1:
Don't trust a live cd to install without messing up your MBR. Most livecd's install Lili or GRUB in your mbr and not every system can take that. On my Medion PC from 2004 I wasn't able to boot or get to my hard disk in any way before I used the Fixmbr tool.
Read More Here..

Even than the partition table of my second partition was damaged and with a lot of luck and research I managed to get to all my back up data...
Used Fixboot for this.

If you've installed Lilo the MBR may be so damaged that:
"there is a possibility for a previous content of the MBR to remain within the MBR (especially any previous Lilo), so I would suggest you (before installation of NT) to boot the computer with a DOS floppy diskette having DOS version of FDISK. At the prompt a:\ just enter the command: fdisk /mbr and restart the computer again (without that floppy)."" Found this here..


STumbling In Linux Land, STupid and Unlucky Pablo?

What a pity my name isn't Basil! Stub from stubborn, not giving up.

This is about my search to master Linux. To migrate..and what I discovered on the way.
First I'm a coward and don't dare to risk and use an existing pc with XP after some horrible experiences with a f*ked M(aster) B(oot) R(ecord). I really need a working pc in my daily life so I decided to use and older pc with a 633Mhz Pentium processor and 512 mb working memory; harddisk about 15 gb. It's an Aopen AX34 from the year 2000 with an Ati Radeon N625 (7200) videocard.
The first thing I did was to install Windows 2000 over the horrendous MS ME to discover the possibilities and dangers regarding DUAL BOOTING.
'm using Ubuntu LTS on a daily bais now on my main pc ad only use Windows for the programs that aren't yet translated to Linux (adaptive software fro my disabled daughter) and hardware I don ' t have the right driver for (my Canon4200f). It really brought the fun back for me in computing.

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