Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Aptosid openbox font configuration

It is amazing what  some fonts can do for the looks of a window manager.
This is the fonts as found in obconfig, tab Appearance in my aptosid openbox install:
Active window title:    Avenir LT45  s14
Inactive window:        Title Cicle  Fina13
Menu header:             DejaVuSans ExtraLight 12
Menu Item:                  Liberation Sans 12
Active On-screen display:  DejaVuSans ExtraLight 12
Inactive On-screen display:  Sans 12
It should be added that this is shown on a 24 inch monitor, 1920x1200

Monday, January 28, 2013

Logout in openbox with keyboard keys

Sometimes I have my monitor shut down but leave my pc on for some downloading or transcoding or other job. It is nice to have a keyboard shortcut to do that, I use W+x and put this between the command bracket:

xterm -e "sudo shutdown -h +1"
Replace xterm if you are using another terminal. One minute is to give me the opportunity to have second thoughts and cancel with ctrl +t and
sudo shutdown -c.
In this post I give a solution for a better look of QT applications in an Openbx environment. Some things get easier
Adding in


QT applications start to look like good looking gtk applications.

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