Thursday, December 18, 2008

install open office 3 in Hardy

Howto: Openoffice 3 in Hardy Heron (8.04)
A note for this tutorial: if you are using a language other than English the exact commands that I post here won't work, but you can substitute for non-English file names.

This tutorial is written assuming you want to keep the 2.4 version on your box.

I choose to uninstall version 2.4 via Synaptic

Step 1 - Download

Go to and download the file in your language (english) under the "Linux DEB" column. Save in your home directory.

Step 2 - Install

Open a terminal in Applications - Accessories - Terminal and run:

tar xvfz OOo_3.0.0_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz
cd OOO300_m9_native_packed-1_en-US.9358/DEBS/
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

step 3:


cd OOO300_m9_native_packed-1_en-US.9358/DEBS/desktop-integration

sudo dpkg -i *.deb


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