Tuesday, January 13, 2009

AcetoneISO, virtual cdrom in Ubuntu

AcetoneISO, you can convert : .bin, .mdf, .nrg , .img , .daa , .cdi , .xbx , .b5i , .bwi , .pdi to .iso and then mount them easily. For more infos, you can check out : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/acetoneiso , I know, it's in french, but the commands are still the same. You just need to have before installing : kommander, kdebase-bin, kdelibs4c2a, konsole, konqueror, p7zip and fuseiso. For the ones like me who'd like to mount their isos.

Downloadlink for deb: linkhttp://downloads.sourceforge.net/acetoneiso2/acetoneiso2_2.0.2-20080602_i386.deb?use_mirror=osdn

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