Tuesday, February 3, 2009

screen magnifiers

Full screen magnification:Orca

In order to get the Gui admin tools to work you need to either log in as root (disabled in Ubuntu by default) this can be enabled in the login manager screen but you need admin rights to enable it so it won't work with speech (catch 22). The other way is to stop orca, restart it in the --no-setup mode open the gui using sudo and making the changes.

e.g in a terminal type

sudo pkill orca
(enter password)
sudo orca --no-setup
sudo (name of admin gui app)

afterwards I recommend you restart the computer to regain normal service.
You will have to disable Compiz for the screen magnification to work!!

Orca uses gnome-mag.

Kmag for partial magnification
Xzoom for partial magnification
Use commands xzoom or kmag after installation.

When you use Compiz, you can use Ezoom:

I got some problem with windoows rendering in Nautilus which I blame on these screen magnifiers and deinstalled gnome-orca, kmag and xscreen and prevented at sessionsm start up the visual disability choice.

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