Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chakra installer Tribe

I did a test install of the Chakra project, Jaz (stable) 0.2.3.
As you probably know has started as a KDEmod+Arch combo, but has evolved since.

Tribe, the Chakra installer is a wonder of sophistication and makes installing an OS ridiculously easy.
I think it would be a great idea to see of the work done there couldn't be useful for creating an easy Archbang installer.
With the Chakra live CD I tried to use the KDE partition tool.
Because of earlier bad luck with a non gparted partitioner, I decided to use gparted though to avoid taking risks with my other installs.

The reason I tried Chakra is to get a new impression of the KDE project.
The folder view widget kind of intrigues me and of course the the present KDE sophistication of design and desktop interface galore is a nice equal at least to Win7.
All this blingbling isn't for me, but possible converts to GNU/Linux and Arch might be interested.
I will try a review in another place; mentioning the hiccups and so on.
I'm afraid I'm too spoiled with openbox wm to accept an even great looking interface get so much in the way.

But the installer and the finishing and looks of this distro are impressive.

See also this review:

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