Monday, December 27, 2010

cunstomization Arch openbox details

Gui config tool (Preferences Openbox or terminal obconf): theme Madpablo

Appearance: Active Window title Sans (LDHandyHand) 13 inactive Sans (LdHand) 12; menu header Sans 12(NeutraText Demi)
Menu Item Droid Sans (NeutraText Demi) 12 On Screen Display Droid 12 (Street freehand) -- inbrackets alternative more Roaring Twenties like setup

lxappearance (menu Preferences, User Interface Settings):
Widget: MadPablo font Avenir LT STD 55 Roman (Neutra Text Demi 14)
Icon theme: Simple
Mouse Cursor : DMZ
use customized color scheme sometimes selected sometimes not

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