Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using the keyboard in PEKWM

Pekwm allows excellent keyboard control of your window management. Lets try it out a bit. If you don't have the windows key on your keyboard, please see ~/.pekwm/keys for the keychains you can use to do the same and a lot more.

Moving and Resizing windows. --> special MoveResize state. This happens by pressing Mod4+Enter. The window should after this be movable by using the arrow keys. To resize, press Mod4(=Super or Windows key) and use the arrows. Using the Shift-key with these actions makes them be careful. To accept the new size and position, press Enter. To fail back to the old position and size press Escape.

Minimizing. Press Mod4+I. Mod4+Shift+I pops up the icon menu you can use to bring it back.

Shading. This is to hide most of the window, leaving only the titlebar visible. Press Mod4+S to toggle the shaded state.

Maximizing. Mod4+M toggles the maximized state.

Filling (making a window grow as big as it can in the space it has around it). Press Mod4+G to make windows grow to fit.

Fullscreen. Press Mod4+F to toggle the fullscreen state.

Moving between frames. Press Mod1(=Alt)+Tab and Mod1+Shift+Tab to move between frames. Or use Mod1+Ctrl+Tab and Mod1+Ctrl+Shift+Tab to move between most recently used frames. You can also use directional focusing. Press Mod4 and one of the arrow keys. The focus should change to the frame that is in the direction you pointed to. Try it out.

Moving inside frames. Press Mod4+Tab and Mod4+Shift+Tab to move between the clients in a frame.

Closing. Press Mod4+Q to close windows.

Grouping. The easiest way to group is to use marking. You select clients you want to group to another frame by toggling them marked with Mod4+Z. You can have as many marked clients as you wish. Then go to the frame you want those now marked clients to be attached and press Mod4+A. That's it.

Menus. There are some simple menu bindings. Mod4+R shows your main menu (the Root menu). Mod4+L shows a list of your active windows (the Goto menu). Mod4+C shows a list of all your open windows (the Goto menu). Mod4+W brings up the Window menu. And Mod4+Shift+I the Icon menu.

Those were the basics. There's a ton more. See the rest of the documentation for rest of the simple bindings and ~/.pekwm/keys for a list of the keychains. And again, if you hated something, go ahead and edit it.
source: here and here

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