Sunday, April 22, 2012

Openbox resources are already mentioned before.
Today I found an old list on the Crunchbang forums.
This one is a classic: the Urukrama guide.
What I notice in a lot of descriptions of Openbox (an example) of new users of it, that its true power, the extensive use of the keybindings is not realy discovered and exploited; the true productivity power of Openbox is negated because most Windows educated pc users  are people, that are disabled by the crippling mouse use they are accustomed to. They even don't realize they have to unlearn certain bad habits to become an real openbox power user.
You leave out the best part of Openbox.
What you forgot to mention is the most important way to start programs in openbox; it is with keybindings that you define in one rather simple rc.xml file.
For instance Super+w start webbrowser; Super+t starts terminal etc.
I also use keybindings to manipulate my windows:
Dmenu is my second program starter; its advantage compared to gmrun is that you get a list with all the installed programs and if you don’t know the name exactly you can select it from the list.
This all together makes you super productive as you don’t have to use your mouse anymore like before. Not only will that reduce RSI risk but you will notice how disabling the mouse use is compared to keyboard driven pc use.

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