Saturday, May 12, 2012

fortune zippy

Yow!  Now I get to think about all the BAD THINGS I did to a BOWLING BALL when I was in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL!
OK, I  admitted it; Zippy the Pinhead is my only guru.
Gotta get your guru, guru (Eric).
So install
pacman -S fortune-mod
and ask the WISE MAN, our oraclae for your instant enlightenment.
And type once: fortune zippy
and contemplate and then arrow up and enter and contemplate and arrow up, enter and comntemplate and so on, ad infinitum.
Toes, knees, NIPPLES.  Toes, knees, nipples, KNUCKLES ...
Nipples, dimples, knuckles, NICKLES, wrinkles, pimples!!
Could we understand that life is meaningless and life is beautiful at the same head moment.
 I have a TINY BOWL in my HEAD

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