Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Voyagers Conky Control in Arch

 Conky Control is a very nice config tool for conky that you can find shipped with Voyager Linux, an Xubuntu based distro with  a very beautiful configuration, themes etc. :

See conky control in action here: from 1:45
You need to have conky-lua installed:
packer -S conky-lua
You can download the conky scripts here:
Put the extracted Conky folder in /home/user/.scripts

Backup your old folder/home/user/.conky.
Download the second folder (.conky)  from here and extract it and put it in /home/user/
Create a symbolic link (adapt username):
sudo ln -s  /home/paul/.scripts/Conky/conky /usr/bin/conkycontrol
Now all you have to do is create a menu item in your OB menu or/and a keyboard shortcut to rc.xml
Menu, place it under:
menu id="preferences" label="Preferences"
See also for more code:here

If you have trouble getting ConkyCircle, option 14 right, look at this post:


earlygrey said...

Looks like something is missing at the link following:

Download the second folder (.conky) from here and extract it and put it in /home/user/

earlygrey said...

This looks like a great tool. I am excited to get it working.

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