Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adapt colours in gtk-theme

For years I adapted a Madbox theme to a Madpablo theme.
Today I changed some colours in that theme. Themes can be installed system wide in usr/share/themes or locally in /home/username/.themes. In the theme folder you will find the files you will need to edit. In line 8 of the gtkrc you will find the gtk_color_scheme:
I changed;
 nbase_color to #A9A28F (from warm yellow to olive),
nbg_color to #E4DDCB (was #D8D8D8, GREY)
and nselected_fg_color to #F8CCAC (salmon).

In index.theme I changed  bg_color to #E7DECF.
I use gcolor2 to pick and find the colours I want to use.

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