Friday, September 7, 2012

Replace systemd with patched udev

On the Archbang forums you can read a lot about the problems some of us have with the systemd replacement of initscripts in Arch.
Aline  used an forked udev script  from the gentoo community and provides more info how to remove systemd from your Arch installation without problems.
I'm quoting Aline now, whom I thank again for her contribution:
This is my PKGBUILD from the udev fork:
And this is the old PKGBUILD from initscripts:
I've installed both, rebooted. There are a lot of packages that is linked against udev libraries, so I had to rebuild all of then. For this I use yaourt + customizepkg-new from aur. For most of the packages I only had to create a empty file in /etc/customizepkg.d/. For example xorg-server, I have a empty file /etc/customizepkg.d/xorg-server
Customize-pkg you can download here:
For more details see also:

Other relevant links about alternative solutions:
about udev-lts from Jubei: 
about Ignite, asimple and robust init replacement
Allow disabling the build of all of systemd, leaving just udev:
We have to wait and see what will surface as the most easy, reliable  and  lasting solution.

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