Monday, February 25, 2013

Installing Salix without Lilo but with Grub2

I wanted to try slcakware but without the dreaded Lilo with which I have bad experiences.
After preparing the installation partition with gparted (with a differentCD) I installed without installing the bootloader.
Rebooted with the install cdrom and this boot specification:
huge.s root=/dev/sda15 rdinit= ro
Note the space after the last = sign.
In this way I was able to boot into the new installation.
Installed grub2 after updating the repos:
slapt-get -u && slapt-get -i grub2
Then: #grub-install /dev/sda15
Then updated grub in my main Archbang system with grub-optimizer.
After that I updated the Slackbuilds repolist with slapt-src -u and
installed my fav filemanager Spacefm with: slapt-src -i spacefm.
I failed to build chromium, see in next post how I succeeded with Google Chrome.

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p. Trindade said...

Please explain the part of the reboot and on prompt, something his going wrong we me at that part. Thanks.

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