Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some considerations when you install Linux with windows 8 preinstalled

Important is that you are aware how you are booting. On my new MEDION AKOYA P524 you have to boot via uefi; the only thing you can do is to disable Safe boot.  
Then you have to partition in Win8 as described before in our previous post. Then you load your live installer. On uefi booting machines you will need a uefi compatible or supporting liveCD or usb.
As far s I know these ones are available at the moment:
Arch installation medium
Bridge Linux (Arch-based)
Aptosid, Siduction
Debian - (special builds at … velopment/ ) Wheezy RC2 64 bits
Ubuntu 64-bit
RedHatEL 5.9 or later
Fedora 17 and later
OpenSUSE 12.2
I choose aptosid as I'm familiar and satisfied with it, it is a rolling release and blazing fast; it has a nice and thus simple  installer that makes installing on an efi booting machine as easy as can be. After you have installed and reboot you will not notice anything and boot straight into Windows 8.
You have to go to your uefi bios that you can access on my machine with del (American trends) In the bios you now can select which efi boot you boot. If your machine is by default used as a windows machine you can let Windows 8 be the default system; while booting you can get a bootloader choice menu by using F8 and  choose the debian efi bootloader. After you have one install you can load other linuxes via that first bootmenu , in my case the debian one. And you can leave the boot partition alone.
 The bad thing is that there are many different hardware set ups which make it impossible to give general advice.
Still you have to use efi supporting installation media, because other ones won't be shown /boot as is the case with the Akoya.

I have followed the path to disable Safe boot. But it is possible to keep the safe boot.
There are different methods for that.
The place to study about efi boot is this site by Rod Smith

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