Friday, November 22, 2013

Archbang site down

Hi Ab-ers,
For some unknown reason the site of AB is down. but also the forums and the wiki.
We haven't pulled the plug out of AB and hope to be back as soon as possible!!
We're trying to find a solution.

Update  23 nov.: Our  site seems to be hacked; there are strong indices in that direction; we are trying to find a solution.
Get back to this place to find updates on further developments...

In the mean time the updates and testing isos are available at: 


Alaska said...

I hope will be up soon! I love the work and the great and friendly forums there!
If AB needs a helping hand - take mine.


pablo said...

Thanks AlaSKA,we are waiting for a response from the guy who runs the site, but who seems not approachable atm,; if you have suggestions for setting up an alternative in a quick and easy way mail me; please mail me at archbangforums at gmail

Hgndrn said...

It's one week later now, and is still down. Maybe it's time to scrape the contents off the Wayback Machine?

snekkel said...

eI am also using Archbang for like 2 years now.. It is my favorite distro, but i am starting to worry about its future. The site is still down, the message changed from no access 403 tot 500 server error so there is something going on..

I think setting up a temporary site with some links and some information will restore trust in the distrubution..

pablo said...

Yes, it would be good, a temporary site, but that is not so easy as we had quite an intricate site.
We have been trying to set it up at a different provider but failed till now..

veggen said...

As an AB lover, I'm also volunteering if you need help with anything (I'm knowledgeable about web development and servers). Also, if you decide to start collecting donations, count me in.

pablo said...

Could you send a mail to archbangforums at gmail, so we can contact you via mail when we want to use your experience?

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