Monday, December 9, 2013

Post into folder plugin for Spacefm

Just by coincidence I found out about the new  Paste Into plugin for spacefm.
Very useful when working in the two panel (File commander like) set up when you want to move a file or folder into a folder of the other panel. After you have cut the folder/file you click on the folder you want to past the file /folder into and choose paste into from the menu.

Howto install

  To add it there, right-click on a file and then right-click on any menu item such as Copy. Select New|Import|URL from the design menu and enter this link.

Howto use:
First, copy or cut one or more files or folders to the clipboard with the standard Copy or Cut commands. Then select (highlight) a single folder to paste into, and select the Paste Into command. Or, if a single folder is not selected, files will be pasted into the current folder

I would recommend to IG to make this very handy plugin a default feature of Spacefm!!

BTW on the same page you will also find  a burn tool for spacefm.

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