Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Installing Sandfox in Void Linux

Update Sandfox is a  Void package now
Install with:
#xbps-install sandfox
 The second part Configuration and use of this post still is relevant.

I feel it is essential for your safety to run your browser in a sandbox.
I use sandfox for that.
Here is how I installed  Sandfox in Void Linux
First check if you have  what you need:
#xbps-install lsof inotify-tools wget
If this is OK, we can download it
$ wget https://github.com/IgnorantGuru/sandfox/raw/master/sandfox
This gave me a file called sandfox
Install with
$sudo install sandfox /usr/bin/sandfox
It should be executable ; if you encounter problems check this.

Configuration and use

Make a folder for your browser downloads, for example /home/user/sf_download
Enable this in your sandfox configuration by editing /etc/sandfox/firefox.profile; in the section home folders add a line with
Now you can create and start using the sandbox by doing:
$sudo  sandfox firefox
Avoid having to give your root password each time you start sandfox:
Add a line (change user name of course) in your sudoers file:
 paul ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/sandfox

by doing
#EDITOR=nano visudo
and editing (nano commands: ctrl+o and enter to write and ctrl+x and enter to exit).

You can also add to your /home/paul/.bashrc the line:
alias firefox='sudo sandfox firefox'

For more options and scenarios see this link .

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