Sunday, May 31, 2015

Install a package in Void from local repo

source: post from Oliver:

I'm hardly an expert and this may be all wrong but if anyone wants to try an xbps pkg based on the arch PKGBUILD it's at!gotQTYgR!MFiQKwUYf … JmAbQAqWqo
You'll need to add it to a local repo
$ md5sum ttf-droid-20121017_1.noarch.xbps 
c62981b46136953bf197464671793dfa  ttf-droid-20121017_1.noarch.xbps

$ mkdir ~/localrepo
$ cp ttf-droid-20121017_1.noarch.xbps ~/localrepo
$ sudo xbps-rindex -a ~/localrepo/ttf-droid-20121017_1.noarch.xbps
$ sudo  xbps-install -S --repository=~/localrepo ttf-droid

How to Create a Void Package:

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