Friday, July 2, 2010

Use firefox bookmarks in Uzbl and set Bookmarks page as Home page

First export your bookmarks to a html page:In Firefox, Bookmarks, Organize Bookmarks, Import and Backup and Export Html; this will produce a html page in /home/user/.
Now open the uzbl config file.
This can be according to your setup at different places; on my Arch it is in /home/paul/.config/uzbl

Find uzbl. org till you discover:
# --- Hard-bound bookmarks ---
@cbind gh = set uri =

change to:
@cbind gh = set uri = file:///home/paul/bookmarks.html

and find:
menu_add Go Home = set uri =

and change to:
menu_add Go Home = set uri = file:///home/paul/bookmarks.html

So in the cmd mode (when you want to type do i; when returning to cmd do Esc, like in Vi) type gh to get to your bookmarks.
Or right click and choose: go home.

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