Thursday, October 6, 2011

When sandfox doesn't close well

  1. Hi I have created the sandfox script in etc/rc.d. And added sandfox as daemon.
    The problem I have is that the sandbox isn’t deleted when shutting down. I have to do it by hand. How could I solve this?

    It is a firefox sandbox and an Arch installation

  • Not sure why it won’t close the sandboxes for you – make sure you close all programs using the sandbox, but during shutdown I would think that would happen already. Sometimes a process will hang on too long.

    You might try adding the close command to /etc/rc.local.shutdown:

        sandfox --closeall --user myuser

    You could run

        lsof | grep sandfox > somefilesomewhere

    in the shutdown script and see if anything is reported running in the sandbox. You might also try logging sandfox with ––verbose enabled and see if that gives any clues. Try to determine a) if the closeall command is executed, b) if any error is given by it.

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