Friday, October 14, 2011

When updating to xorg-server 1.11 leads to problems with Nividia driver

For being able to prevent this problem:

First remove all unnecessary video drivers:

Add this line in /etc/pacman.conf:
IgnorePkg = xf86-input-evdev xf86-input-mouse xf86-input-aiptek xf86-input-synaptics xorg-server xorg-server-common xorg-apps xorg-xkb-utils xorg-server-utils xorg-utils synaptics libgl libdrm xorg-res-utils xf86driproto xf86-input-keyboard xkeyboard-config
And update.

When you are too late to prevent it.
When you have to recover do the same with ect/pacman.conf
Move in terminal to /var/cache/pacman/pkg
and do:
pacman -U xorg-server-1.10.4-1*
I do * because I don't know if you have a 64 bits system or not
and reinstall nvidia.

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