Saturday, April 12, 2014

create an epub from a group of webpages

Put the webpages in a folder. Be sure to have named them in the desired order so 02.htm follows the content of 01.htm for instance
Open terminal in or move to folder and type in terminal:
cat *.htm > combined.htm
Open the the combined htm in Calibre and convert it to epub or use this webservice

Read articles saved with Wallabag on your ereader:
First install wallabag add on for firefox or chrome and add it to your toolbar.
Create a Framabag account if you don't run your own webserver.
Log into that account and create in tab Config  a rss feed and copy its address; you will need it for Calibre.
How can I read my saved articles on my e-reader?
First, you must install Calibre, which is an e-book library management application, compatible with many e-book reader devices. Then, you must generate a token to enable RSS feeds. This can be done on your wallabag config page. You now need to open Calibre, click on the menu besides « Fetch News », then on « Add custom news source », copy the adress of your feed (unread, favorites or archive, as you wish) and paste it to the feed URL field. Enter a name and save with the « Add/Update Recipe » button, then close. Finally, back to the previous menu, click on Schedule news download. You can schedule it if you want, but all you need right now is to click the « Download now » button. The download might take some time and get stuck to 1% for a while, but it should finally work. When that’s done, you can refer to Calibre’s documentation to know how to send the generated ebook to your devices.

Howto set up Pocket with Calibre:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow under ‘Fetch News’
  2. Select ‘Add a custom source’
  3. Click ‘Customize builtin recipe’
  4. Select ‘Pocket’ from the list
  5. Close the window
  6. Click ‘Fetch News’
  7. Under Custom, Click ‘Pocket’
  8. Add your username/password and set a schedule if preferred
  9. Click ‘Download Now’

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