Wednesday, September 24, 2014

VoidLinux with runit instead of systemd

Voidlinux is even lighter than Archbang, my disto of choice for the last years.
Because it uses runit I was tempted to try it out. Till now I'am very positive about it. The most serious drawback that the choice of packages is more limited than Arch.

Why I find this an interesting distro:

Apparently is an hybryd between Archlinux and gentoo, rolling release, packages are compiled from source (or binaries can be downloaded), pkgsrc (void linux's ebuild) resemble strongly archlinux PKGBUILDs but have some features inspired by gentoo ebuild without the bloat.

On Google+
Search void packages:
XBPS source packages Manual:

Build your own iso:
Nice video of Francois installing Voidlinux 0.34 wih XFCE:

Here on the void Wiki I found a nice python shutdown script that isn't pasted well and gives errors. This one did work for me.
I also needed this post to get my polkit well set up.
In a next post I will describe my installation process of Void plus Openbox.


Carlo D. said...

Hi, I've noted you cited my script on voidlinux wiki, can i post your script instead or maybe package it in future package for void openbox-tools.


Carlo D.

pablo said...

Sorry for my late reaction. Of course you can!!

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