Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MBR problems

Mistake 1:
Don't trust a live cd to install without messing up your MBR. Most livecd's install Lili or GRUB in your mbr and not every system can take that. On my Medion PC from 2004 I wasn't able to boot or get to my hard disk in any way before I used the Fixmbr tool.
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Even than the partition table of my second partition was damaged and with a lot of luck and research I managed to get to all my back up data...
Used Fixboot for this.

If you've installed Lilo the MBR may be so damaged that:
"there is a possibility for a previous content of the MBR to remain within the MBR (especially any previous Lilo), so I would suggest you (before installation of NT) to boot the computer with a DOS floppy diskette having DOS version of FDISK. At the prompt a:\ just enter the command: fdisk /mbr and restart the computer again (without that floppy)."" Found this here..

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