Wednesday, December 12, 2007


STumbling In Linux Land, STupid and Unlucky Pablo?

What a pity my name isn't Basil! Stub from stubborn, not giving up.

This is about my search to master Linux. To migrate..and what I discovered on the way.
First I'm a coward and don't dare to risk and use an existing pc with XP after some horrible experiences with a f*ked M(aster) B(oot) R(ecord). I really need a working pc in my daily life so I decided to use and older pc with a 633Mhz Pentium processor and 512 mb working memory; harddisk about 15 gb. It's an Aopen AX34 from the year 2000 with an Ati Radeon N625 (7200) videocard.
The first thing I did was to install Windows 2000 over the horrendous MS ME to discover the possibilities and dangers regarding DUAL BOOTING.
'm using Ubuntu LTS on a daily bais now on my main pc ad only use Windows for the programs that aren't yet translated to Linux (adaptive software fro my disabled daughter) and hardware I don ' t have the right driver for (my Canon4200f). It really brought the fun back for me in computing.

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