Monday, December 17, 2007

Why moving??

Why do I want out of M$_land?
For a million reasons that we gathered in a twelve years of using MS operation systems: Win 95, (a bit Win 311 for the sake of some older software). Win 2000 and Xp.

The most essential reason is that M$ has been consequently manipulating their customers with only one aim in sight : control and profit ( hey, that's two; no just two flip sides of the same coin). Next to that they are so damn hypocritical : masters in robbing others ideas and marketing them as their own, they are the first to claim digital rights and making lots of money out of it.

In 1995 I bought my first pc because my daughter is severely disabled and could use the possibilities of adapted software. I saw a demonstration of a Acorn RISC OS computer, a wonderful machine with great software on it that was much used in schools. Still the local pc guru strongly advised buying a pc with Windows 95 and I listened to him and he was right in a way. But still I am also responsible for the loss of quality we faced with the victory of M$.

Recently I bought a new quad processor pc for some friends and prepared it for them.
My first meeting with Vista was typical: the control panel got lost without any explainable reason and only after very much searching I found a patch.
The visual sweetness is suffocating, no, it's really time to have a change.


Linux vs. Windows: Why Linux will win

And after some fiddling around with live cd's/dvd's of Ubuntu. Mandrake, Knoppix etc, I know the hardware recognition problems are nearly solved and ... and..
The question is, I think not so much anymore:is Linux ready for me but am I capable of adjusting to the save and different way of doings things in Linux.

Postscriptum: using Puppy Linux I found Rox filer as a file manager; it's a descendant of the Acorn riscOS way of moving files etc. I was sincerely touched!

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