Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Using (G)rsync to backup folders to an external HD with NFTS filesystem

I was getting errors doing that because NFTS doesn't support permissions.

But first what is rsync:
Rsync basically can check the destination data and see if any changes have been made in the source data so that ONLY the source data that has been changed is updated. VERY useful. So ideal for making incremental backups...
Grsync is a gui for rsync, more info here

Options to choose in Standard options tab:
Permissions: uncheck save owner, save rights, save group.
Only if data are zipped the permissions can be backup to a NFTS file system. Check Windows compability and uncheck don't leave file system.

Windows compatible:
--modify-window=1: this is ESSENTIAL. Basically in windows filesystems time is kept in even numbers (or some such problem). This command tells rsync to ignore filechanges that are only 1 second in difference from the original. It is almost impossible that you will create a file, sync it, and in ONE second make a change and want to sync it again. So it is safe to use this option and it means that rsync will not back up everything every time simply because of a one second change.

For system-wide backups to a NFTS drive see:

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