Friday, May 28, 2010

How to submit a package to Aur Unsupported

Was asked to upload the MadPablo Openbox theme to AUR.

What you have to do.
Make the package.
What I had to do for this was to compress the usr/share/themes/maddpable/openbox-3 folder

and upload it to; used gompload for that.
Result is a downloadlink at:
Had to md5sum the madpablo.tar.bz2
or terminal in the directory of your PKGBUILD, and to generate md5sum do this:

Code: makepkg -g >> PKGBUILD

Result: f8bd9530b5ae503cb773dfa66a1d51d0

Now I can edit PKGBUILD :
# Contributor: Pablo

pkgdesc="MadPablo OpenBox Theme"

build() {
install -d ${pkgdir}/usr/share/themes/
cp -r ${srcdir}/madpablo ${pkgdir}/usr/share/themes/ || return 1

The url is provided as link for more info about the theme:
pkgver=20100528 just is the date of doing this.
Now I have to make a folder openbox-madpablo-theme
and put only the PKGBUILD in it and compress this to

Now I have to register at
And upload the openbox-madpablo-theme.tar.gz file and give a comment if needed.

This is the result:

When a package is submitted by someone else and is not maintained you can submit a new
PKGBUILD in the form of a code pastebin:

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