Friday, January 28, 2011

After install Archbang 2011.1 Symbiosis -what is needed what is nice?

First I want to update; pacman didn't work so I thought the repositories were uncommented in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist. I had to sync with pacman -Syy.
After an update of pacman I installed powerpill for quick updating. Then updated with pacman -Syyu.
Symbiosis comes with thunar. As I use single click for opening folders and this option wasn't kept in Thunar as a preference I installed pcmanfm.
In fact I prefer pcmanfm-mod but I also install the basic pcmanfm. The reason I use pcmanfm-mod is that all my other partitions are always shown and easily mounted. It is in AUR.

On the forum I read that packer in which you build pcmanfm-mod was missing fakeroot and patch as dependencies in the default Symbiosis; so installed that. To build pcmanfm-mod I also needed gcc (C compiler), pkg-config and make. You get all the needed build tools in once by doing sudo pacman -S base-devel

You can get all this with pacman -S base-devel .
(Another issue I had is the incompability of fam and gamin; gamin is newer and replaces fam and includes it; had to remove fam and thunar-vfs to be able to install gamin).

With packer I also installed adeskbar and my own self made openbox-madpablo-theme. I put Adeskbar on top in autohide and moved tint2 to the bottom.

Multimedia: vlc (a pity it pulls the qt deps) and minitube. (built with packer).
Create a symbloic link from my media on the ntfs drive to my home video folder
sudo ln -s /media/Backup/VIDEOS /home/paul/videos
Idem for music files.

For versatility: python 2, gksu.

Then I add my keybindings for manipulating windows to /home/user/.config/openbox/ rc.xml.

I installed Firefox, with Adblock plus, Evernote, Xmarks, DuckDuckGo as search engine plugin, dictionaries for spell checking and the most important addon text-area cache that backups everything I type in Firefox and proved a life saver on many occasions. This last add on would already be enough to keep using Firefox. But I drift away from my main topic.Link

Install libreoffice (pulls openjdk) and libreoffice-nl.

Manage groups, add group burning (groupadd burning) and user (gpasswd -a paul burning)
to it.

to be continued

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