Thursday, February 10, 2011

install Archbang on USB drive from windows

You of course can do using a live CD
If you want to install from usb, don't use unetbootin but run the following command "sudo dd if=ArchBang_Symbiosis-2011.01.24-i686.iso of=/dev/YourUsbDevice bs=8M". Type fdisk -l to see your list of devices (your usb stick is probably /dev/sdb)

If you use unetbootin this is a workaround according to a forum member of AB>
When you get the "Wait 30sec for device 'ARCH-20XXXX'" Error or so, try to name the device exactly this way under Windows.
Then unetbootin and every other method should work fine.

The universal USB Installer from Pendrive seems to work out of the box:

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