Thursday, February 10, 2011

When you have difficulty with oblogout

before i used the zenity script to do that job i also used oblogout and had the same problem after the update, try the follwing:

- open /etc/oblogout.conf as root

- settings must look like this

usehal = false

source barchi

This may be useful, when you don't have hal installed or active.
In my configuration oblogout works well with usehal=true

The zenity script is a very useful and low resource exit script for open box that doesn't need hal (thanks xunil for the tip:

Zenity Exit / Shutdown Script for Openbox

Finally got around to doing this.

Use the zip file included at the bottom, as all the double hyphens get lost on this blog.
Also, depending on with version of zenity you have (e.g. on Debian Squeeze / #!-10), you may need to remove the “- - no-cancel” options in the second half of the script.


Or on aur pastebin:

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