Monday, January 30, 2012

Change wallpaper and image desklet for Openbox

See his post and thread:

Or the original:

Save as save in usr/bin and make executable.

Simple example of Tawan if you have nitrogen installed:
#! /bin/bash
ALIST=( `ls -w1 $WALLPAPERS` )
let "number = $RANDOM"
let LASTNUM="`cat $WALLPAPERS/.last` + $number"
let "number = $LASTNUM % $RANGE"
echo $number > $WALLPAPERS/.last
nitrogen --set-scaled --save $WALLPAPERS/${ALIST[$number]}

Comment: This script just changes the wallpaper. You need to call it from conky or cron or something and set the frequency there.
example of a cronjob every 5 minutes
*/5 * * * * ~/.chgwall/
in /home/user/.cron

With image changer desklet you can let rotate almost the entire desktop:
if you edit the code for the image as to cover almost your screen entirely.
published also here:

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