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Fluxbox resources

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Fluxbox's featurelist: [url][/url]

Install fluxbox and first setup: [url][/url]

fluxbox wiki: [url][/url]

fluxbox FAQ: [url][/url]

Fluxbox forums: [url][/url]/ (thanks Vrkalak)

set up keybindings: [url][/url]
Mouse events can be set up in the keys file.
There isn't something working like obkey; fluxkeys is out of date.

fluxbox styles [url][/url]
change styles tutorial: [url][/url]
change styles: [url][/url]
Fluxstyle is something like obtheme: [url][/url]

Fluxmenu is what obmenu is for OB: [url][/url]

Fluxbox eye candy: menu icons, transparency, rounded and borderless windows: [url][/url]

One of the most underestimated - although one of the most powerful features - is the apps-file. With this file it is possible to set application-specific parameters for dimension, decoration, default workspace to open on, stickyness and much more. It will let you manipulate almost every setting for any window or application. The best way to learn about it is to visit the wiki-site for the apps-file:
You also can right click the window title and choose an option from [b]remember[/b].

Howto cusomize the fluxbox toolbar: [url][/url]

What is this Slit? The Slit is often confused with the toolbar. The slit is a dock for any application that can be 'dockable'. A docked application is anchored and appears on every workspace. It cannot be moved freely and is not influenced by any manipulation to windows. Typical programs that go into the slit are dockapps ( [url][/url] ) or gkrellm ( [url][/url]. Such applications often have a -w option to run in the slit, but some start automatically in withdrawn mode. Keep in mind: The slit is invisible if nothing is in it! In order to see it, run your dockapp and the slit will show up.

fluxbox pager: [url][/url]
ipager for fluxbox: [url][/url] and [url][/url]

Install fonts: [url][/url]

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