Monday, March 21, 2011

Create partition backup using SystemRescueCD and FSArchiver

SystemRescueCD provides different backup and recover solutions.
What I want to do is backup a partition to a special backup partition.
Scenario is that I want to backup my Arch install on partition sda11 to the backup partition on sda12.
After downloading and burning the SystemRescueCD.
I start it up; I choose for the graphical environment to have firefox as tool the find my commands or search for necessary info.
I will use FSArchiver to make the image.

Preparing the target
After starting up the terminal I do: mkdir /mnt/backup
I make a mount point for the backup partition; this is not needed as the mount point was already created.
Now I mount the backup partition to the mount point: mount /dev/sda12 /mnt/backup
Now I can make the backup:
fsarchiver savefs -j2 -o /mnt/backup/archma11.fsa /dev/sda11

The -j2 -o option is for dual core processors to make it a bit quicker.

When ready you get this kind of feedback :
Statistics for filesystem 0
* files successfully processed:....regfiles=261239, directories=23462, symlinks=29814, hardlinks=2661, specials=28
* files with errors:...............regfiles=0, directories=0, symlinks=0, hardlinks=0, specials=0

To restore it;
I will first have to mount the restore partition: mount /dev/sda12 /mnt/backup

And then I can do:
fsarchiver restfs /mnt/backup/backupname.fsa id=0,dest=/dev/sda11

Adapt backupname and partition.

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