Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pilaunch Dmenu like starter

Set up the new app pilaunch

It is a dmenu like program/web/music/terminal starter

Possibilities: keywords-- these will only be activated by typing them in, followed by a space
calculator = "c" #"calc"
web = "u" #"url"
websearch = "w" #"web"
sudo = "su"
term = "t" #"term" #bring up a new terminal running it
music = "m" #"music" #support for mpd

I have linked it in rx.xml to super+i .

Configuration of mpd:
Because I have set up mpd in root and in etc/mpd.conf to have access to a ntfs partition.

I edited /usr/share/pilaunch/

with mpd = False to mpd = True
and changed mpdcon = {'host':"/home/$USER/.mpd/socket", 'port':"6600"} to
mpdcon = {'host':"localhost", 'port':"6600"}

Keys for music:

"delete" key removes all from playlist
"end" key removes selected song from playlist
"tab" key switches between "playlist", "option", and "artists"
Left arrow and right arrow move between playlist, selected artist, selected album, and individual tracks.
e.g. if "lady gaga" is highlighted, hitting right will reveal her albums, hitting right again will show highlighted album's tracks. Left in reverse.
"enter" key adds selected to end of playlist, or if in playlist, plays song.

Configuration of apps in the same file:

#desktop defaults
browser = "firefox"
searchengine = ""
editor = "leafpad"
path = os.path.expandvars("$PATH") # + ":/home/paul/.scripts
terminal = "lxterminal"

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