Sunday, July 20, 2008

CoLininux a new way of Linux virtualization

If you finally did the plunge and installed Linux on your hard drive, you notice that nothing beats that experience. Still lot of folks use their pc as a productive tool, that they can't rik to be messed up (not that this will happen, but the fear of this prevents experimenting).
Comes in this new way of virtualization that seems to beat VMware in unsability and speed..virtual desktops with coLinux (Cooperative Linux) kernel. What sets these virtual machines apart from traditional virtual installation is it’s speed, which runs almost as good as a native installation; as it get full control of host machine hardware. Cooperative Virtual Machine (CVM) is a rather new development and is not as widely adopted or used by the linux community, yet. You can find a small list of linux distro using coLinux kernel, here. Ulteo is one of them , and it works great; it is a plug and play Ubuntu-derived coLinux distribution that provides hundreds applications out of the box, has very easy installation and works on XP and Vista (32-bit only). Check out ulteo for yourself, here.

Here is Ulteo in action:


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