Saturday, July 19, 2008

Graphical Hard Disk Usage Tool

What is filling up your hard disk?

How To Check Hard Drive Disk Space

For Window users switching to Linux or Ubuntu, performing simple tasks can be a challenge. One simple task such as checking free and used hard drive disk space on Ubuntu, is easy using the graphical utility Disk Usage Analyzer or from a Terminal window using the command df.

Checking Disk Space From Gnome and Kubuntu

Disk Usage Analyzer is a graphical menu driven application that reports disk usage in Gnome and Kubuntu environments. DUA can scan the entire file system tree or individual directories, either local or remote. DUA is also dynamic, in that it will report in real time any devices that are mounted and unmounted.

To access Disk Usage Analyzer in Gnome, click on Applications \ Accessories \ Disk Usage Analyzer


I used Treesize a lot in XP. This is quite a different tool but just as useful.
Filelight is another program for doing this: you can find it in Add/Remov Programs

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