Thursday, July 10, 2008

Supergrub makes Grub a supertool

Supergrub ( ) is the ideal tool for managing boot up problems or managing your anxieties about them.
After my first Linux install some 5 years ago (using Lilo as boot manager) my pc wouldn't boot again at all, nor the linux install nor the windows xp; I used FixMBR.exe but should have used supergrub, because then I would have been able to access my linux install.

Anyway Supergrub is a great tool and I got a webpage it deserves here:
Situations where Super Grub Disk is useful:
Even if your computer has no bootloader problems right now, it is still a good idea to keep a Super Grub Disk somewhere around your computer for an emergency. All good system administrators should have one.

Super Grub Disk can boot up a computer when the 'IPL' (Initial Program Loader) code in the MBR does not point to the partition with the operating system that the user wants to boot up.
For example, when someone is dual booting Windows with a Gnu/Linux operating system and they have to re-install Windows. Now the computer will only boot Windows. Super GRUB Disk features the fastest and easiest way to re-install GRUB to MBR.
Super Grub Disk can also write other bootloader codes to MBR for you, from the operating system of your choice. For example, you can even restore the Windows bootloader code to MBR if you want to uninstall your Gnu/Linux operating system. Super Grub Disk can easily perform quite a large range of other very useful functions that make troubleshooting and diagnosis of bootloader problems a lot faster and easier. For example, SGD has the ability to scan a computer for various files involved in the booting process. This scanning can save the user a lot of time and tedious repetition.

Super Grub Disk helps Windows users who want to use GRUB as their boot manager. GRUB is actually a much better for managing multiple boot Windows arrangements than Windows' own bootloader. A few Windows users who are clever enough like to add a Linux distro that contains GRUB just for this purpose. So, Super Grub Disk also has functions even to help those who are installing more than one Windows or who have Windows installed in a non-first partition or hard disk.

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