Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Install Exact Audio Copy (EAC) under WINE


Run Exact Audio Copy (EAC) on Linux

Hands down, it is often agreed that EAC is the best CD ripper out there. And it was one of the things I took for granted when I switched. So basically, I set out to use it using WINE, and really, its just as fast, and runs perfectly, no problems in any feature from what I can see.

(If you want to make WINE look better without msstyles read this guide.)

Configuring WINE: Part I
Open your terminal in type in:
And go to the "Drives" tab, and press the "Autodetect..." button.
It should scan for drives, and find a handful of them. Find /media/cdrom drives, if you have more than one then apply this step to all of them. Click on the drive letter ( in my case E: ) and press the "Show Advanced" button, and then select the "Type" of the drive to be "CD-ROM", apply to every drive that is a CD drive, and press "OK".

Installing EAC
Download the installer for Exact Audio Copy, then double-click eac-0.95b4.exe on the downloaded file and simply install like any other app.

Configuring WINE: Part II
Go into your terminal and type:
and in the Applications tab, press the "Add Applcation" button and browse to EAC.exe, and click on it and select a NT operating system from the Windows select box (those being NT/2000/XP), and press "OK".
As it launches cancel the wizard, and press F9, and under the "Interface" tab, select "Native Win32 Interface for NT/2000/XP". Press "OK", and restart the app. Put a CD in your drive, and hopefully all will go well.
You should now be able to simply launch by using
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Exact\ Audio\ Copy/EAC.exe
in your favorite terminal.

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