Monday, September 22, 2008

Changing Time of day wallpaper in Ubuntu

Dawn of Ubuntu wallpaper slideshow for Hardy
A neat feature that was quietly added to GNOME 2.22 is time-lapsed backgrounds; essentially a nice slideshow for your background image. Works best with very long transitions and very few keyframes.

This immediately had me thinking about the Dawn of Ubuntu wallpaper, and its two variants Night of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Spring. I popped them together into a little slideshow, and am quite pleased with the results

This slideshow ("Day of Ubuntu") gradually changes over time, continually providing a unique view that perfectly reflects the time of day!

Unfortunately, the images cannot use relative paths at the moment, so you have to place them as directed. Copy day_of_ubuntu to /usr/share/backgrounds (sudo cp day_of_ubuntu /user/share/backgrounds/day_of_ubuntu), then add day_of_ubuntu.xml as a wallpaper.
Read Readme for more information.

(Also unfortunately, it seems that I must set an arbitrary day, month and year, which means that the slideshow gets messed up over time).

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