Saturday, September 20, 2008

Upgrade To a Fresh Feisty Install

Please note - This method is intended for those wishing to perform a fresh install of Feisty but maintain their user data and installed applications.

  1. You may wish to make a back up of your current installation. One option is with partimage.

  2. You can preserve you user data and personal settings if you use a separate home partition. If you do not currently do not have a separate home partition you can easily create one.

  3. Create a lists of your currently installed packages.
    •   dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall > ubuntu-packages
      Note: That is two - - in front of "get-selections" with no space.
  4. Save this file ubuntu-packages on an external media (usb/floppy/cd).

  5. Download and install Feisty. If you have a separate /home partition, mount it at /home DO NOT FORMAT IT.

  6. Copy ubuntu-packages from your external media back to your home directory.

  7. Restore your packages. First enable your repositories. Then, in a terminal,
    •   sudo aptitude update
      sudo dpkg --set-selections < ubuntu-packages
      sudo dselect
    Note: That is two - - in front of "set-selections" with no space.


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