Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SimpleBackup Automated Ubuntu Backups


To install sbackup, you need to install the sbackup package from the Universe Repository. You can use Synaptic, or install from terminal:

sudo apt-get install sbackup

Backing Up Your Data

Once you have completed the installation you can access sbackup using System -> Administration —> Simple Backup Config, you can see this in the following screen

  • 1.png

The next screen is asking for your user password. Enter your user password and click ok.

  • 2.png

Once it opens the sbackup application you can see the following screen where you can configure your backup settings. The first tab is general options. In this example I am choosing Use custom backup settings.

  • 3.png

Sbackup can be operated in 3 different modes

If you are new Ubuntu user or are not sure what you should backup. This will perform a daily backup of your /home, system data held in /etc, /usr/local and /var. This will deliberately exclude any files over 100MB. By default this backup will be stored in /var/backup.

Custom Backup

This is the same as the recommended backup and in this you can change the settings include, exclude files, you can change the schedule time. With this option you will be able to specify where to save the backup file.

Manual Backup

If you want to backup some files from time to time this option is for you. You can click backup now button to manually perform a backup according to the settings on the other backup properties dialog box tabs. With this option you will be able to specify where to save the backup file.

For the rest of the guide, it will be assumed that you chose the custom backup or the manual backup option. If you chose the recommended backup, you will not be able to customize any settings.

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