Thursday, March 21, 2013

Did a new installation of Manjaro openbox-lite

Read this review and report of setting it up in full here 
Announcement here
Download here
During a live session it seemed  to take longer to load.
Installing went easy and not much difference with Archbang.A slightly different menu when giving root password and creating user and user password.
Setting up the locale is also a bit different.
A important difference is that you can install the bootloader grub 2 in the own manjaro partition and you can prevent grub 2 overwriting the mbr by pointing to its own partition; you will get an error but at least your mbr can be updated in the way you want and won't be overwritten, something that is not possible in Archbang. Something to learn from Manjaro.

Installed I don't perceive any differences in speed with AB; it is snappy and the theme set up is so nice I leave it for the time being..

What I like is that dmenu is shown at the bottom of the screen (dmenu -b).
dmenu at the bottom, slightly different:
changed it in .conf/openbox/rc.xml  command from dmenu_run -i -b to
dmenu_run -fn -misc-fixed-*-*-*-*-20-200-*-*-*-*-*-*  -i -b -nf 'white' -sb 'brown' -nb 'black'
to have a larger font and other colors.

Htop is installed.
I don't like tint at the top of your screen.. When you change tint rc and put it at the bottom you will notice that the 28 pixels for the tint bar remain uncovered.
This is defined in /home/user/.config/openbox/rc.xml, line 156.

Very few keybindings are configured for starting up applications, terminal, filemanager, oblogout, dmenu. There are not many applications installed but leafpad (W_e) and one for viewnior (W_i) could be added.
I also use them for many of my fav applications like a second filemanager (W-s spacefm, w-f thunar),  vlc W-v, smplayer w-m, cd cat w-k, firefox w-w and chromium w-c, qbittorrent w-q etc.
In many distro's dmenu is configured with keybinding  alt-f3; here it is W-m; changed that directly.
Few keybindings for manipulating windows.
Geany is installed which is very nice when you are changing rc.xml in the code as I usually do.
Thunar is the default file manager; lxterminal the default terminal.
you can run a fine fast server script that is an fast way to run rankmirrors.
Parcellite isn't autostarted by default but an entry is in the autostart file, so that is easy to change.


Firefox is not installed but you needn't install flashplugin after you install firefox.
arch-firefox-search-0.8.2-5 is not installed (just like I never got it into AB), while it is such a useful addition to using firefox.
The way to start using AUR could be made more easy; maybe with a menu link or so.
On the wiki page  yaourt is recommended by default, while I prefer packer.
So you wil have to install packer with yaourt or use the more complicated way:
You need fakeroot, git, jshon and base-devel
#pacman -S base-devel fakeroot git jshon
Download the PKGBUILD
and open terminal the folder where you put in and do
makepkg -sci PKGBUILD 
Move in terminal to where the package is build and do as root:
pacman -U packer-*.pkg.tar.xz
Used packer to install adeskbar which is my fav dock that I use in a very minmal set up (no tasklist).


I installed mplayer-vdpau-svn to see how the depedency problems work out in Manjaro.
This should be rather  risky, considering the very complicated build of mplayer. No problems at all!! Very good, Manjaro!!
Very little diappointments till now...

I edit the line in ~./.config.Trolltech.conf
to add the line
but it is already there (give qt applications a gtk look) ; amazing, really quite complete in fine tuning..

I'm not really satisfied with the font easy solution I use for this is to install fontmatrix and a new set of fonts for which I mostly use Avenir LTD.

Installed spacefm with udevil as mounter.
have to add
devmon  &
to autostart
All in all hardly any thing of importance to complain about. Great job, Carl!

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