Sunday, March 3, 2013

Packages from AUR need to be rebuild - Arch

Update warning from Arch:
qt4 replaces qt

A new qt4 package is in [extra]. This replaces the current qt package.
All packages depending on qt need to be rebuilt to depend on qt4. We have done this for all official packages, but you will need to rebuild packages installed from the AUR that depend on qt.

To know which package need to be rebuild you can use pkgtools
After installation (#pacman -S pkgtools) do
whoneeds qt
Then do
pacman -Qqm
to determine which packages are installed from AUR.
As the official packages are rebuild for you, you only have to rebuild the AUR packages.
For me it means I have to rebuild: cdcat fontmatrix  qbittorrent sir syncbackup.

This is an example why pacman is so fantastic:

:: Replace qt with extra/qt4? [Y/n] y
resolving dependencies...
looking for inter-conflicts...

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: cdcat: requires qt
:: fontmatrix: requires qt>=4.3.0
:: qbittorrent: requires qt
:: sir: requires qt
:: syncbackup: requires qt

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Bob/Paul said...

I found the best way to deal with this was first:

# pacman -Sdd qt4

then once qt4 was installed, proceed with the normal upgrade

# pacman -Su

Then when that was all done, proceed to rebuild the AUR stuff.

Otherwise the AUR stuff would demand qt4, but qt4 would refuse to upgrade until I rebuilt the AUR stuff. Chicken, meet egg.

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