Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Manjaro Doing a live session with 084 openbox edition  64 bits

Doing a live session with 084 openbox edition  64 bits:
When starting up pamac automatic updates the system  with -nice- this info message:
libgl will be replaced by mesa-libgl
gummiboot-efi will be replaced by gummiboot
qt will be replaced by qt4
lib32-libgl will be replaced by lib32-mesa-libgl
lib32-libglapi will be replaced by lib32-mesa
Want to check out some installed packages with dmenu; no dmenu?? openbox without dmenu is like a tv without remote control.
Try to install via pamac; nothing happens, no error feedback.
So I go to terminal and use pacman.
After I unlocked the database by deleting var/lib/pacman/db.lck (reminded via feedback by pacman):

sudo pacman -S dmenu
:: The following packages should be upgraded first :
:: Do you want to cancel the current operation
:: and upgrade these packages now? [Y/n] y
Midori is a real pain in the ass as it crashes every time I try to copy some text with selecting and a right click; also it is not possible for some reason to login here on the AB forums.
Want to try out pamac again; get error message pamac is already running, although I closed it.
with dmenu I find out pamac is pamac-check-updates pamac-manager pamac-tray and pamac- updates
Kill each one of them, still running. Try htop to see what is running, no htop, install htop, nothing running recognizable as related to  pamac; give up...
Conclusion: pamac is a catastrophe for me; just like midori (never had luck with it)
For me essential apps like dmenu and  htop are not installed.
Openbox keybindings for starting applications are
terminal, synapse, appfinder, thunar, pamac-updater and pamac-manager, oblogout
A keyboard short cut for synapse OK with me,
but for appfinder: what happens is that you go from the keyboard to a mouse  menu to start an app?? This is like first taking your remote, then walking to the TV to set another channel by hand. Openbox is for me window management and application control with the keyboard keys and the best app for this is dmenu (or is it difficult to learn? I don't think so).
Synapse can't find lxappearance, never has this problem with dmenu.
First impression manjaro openbox edition is that it is a very difficult OB edition for an ABer like me; sorry, was hoping to be able to be more positive.
I have to first understand how things are simplified before I am able to solve a problem. This was my problem with ubuntu too.
This says everything about me as user and can't be generalized of course.

To end with a more positive note: everything looks fantastic, nice wall and theme set up are all working together to create something that is really a pleasure to see; top-notch: nice theme greenbird with faenza green icon theme; window border shiki-nouveau-wisedust, very,very nice.
Also compton is used with nice effects although the shadow option could be used better..but that is a matter of taste.


http://allinfotou.blogspot.com/ said...
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acuviticus said...

Manjaro is probably the fastest Linux distro if taken as a whole. What I mean is that once booted, other distros might be as snappy but few can beat the blistering boot-up time it has.

BTW re. "pamac is already running" deleting /tmp/pamac.pid works for me on xfce.

pablo said...

Thanks for the info, would be great that this solution would be suggested when you get this error.

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