Friday, October 31, 2008

Dmenu great app launcher for Openbox

Dmenu is the application menu developed for dwm and used by several other tiling window managers. It can easily be used in Openbox as well; read this post for more info on using Dmenu in Openbox. See here for how to use it with mpd.
First, you’ll need to install dmenu. You can download the source code from the dwm/wmii website and install that (’sudo make clean install’ in Ubuntu). It's also in the repo's.

You need to add script to /usr/bin with this
exe=`dmenu_path | dmenu ${1+"$@"}` && exec $exe

Create a text file with this and call it and don't forget to make it executable (right click, properties, tick the run option)
For Openbox, this is what I added in the section of the rc.xml file in /home/paul/.config/openbox:
a keybinding with Alt + F3 to execute /usr/bin/

Here is a screenshot of dmenu running at the bottom of the screen in Openbox:


This solution found in a combo of this page: and this

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