Sunday, October 12, 2008

Text to Speech (TTS) in Linux

Install Kmouth (Synaptic)
Configure TTS voices according to this page:

HOWTO: Make festival TTS use better voices (MBROLA / CMU / HTS)

Festival is a Text-To-Speech synthesis system developed at the University of Edinburgh. It can be used with several different voices, which are the models and data it uses to convert typed text into audible speech.

This HOWTO is meant to be a centralized collection of information about how to install the currently available voices for the Festival TTS. While sections of this HOWTO may apply to installing voices for other languages, it is primarily concerned with the English language voices.

The layout of this HOWTO is as follows:
  • Installing the standard Festvox diphone voices
  • Installing the enhanced MBROLA voices
  • Installing the enhanced CMU Arctic voices
  • Installing the enhanced Nitech HTS voices
  • Testing voices and choosing a default voice
  • Installing Festival 1.96(via synaptic)
Here you can download voices in many languages, bijvoorbeeld Nederlands:

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