Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Open box window manager clean and fast!!

First: this is the best opebox tutorial you can think of:

Ok time to install a faster window manager and set of applications:

Add this repo in /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main

and then:

sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install openbox pypanel gmrun obmenu obconf nitrogen gtk-chtheme sakura scrot kazehakase sylpheed rtorrent irssi finch decibel-audio-player xfburn mirage abiword gnumeric leafpad epdfview xarchiver pcmanfm ivman

For an explination of each:

  • openbox is an alternative window manager that we’ll be using as our desktop environment. It’s snappier than Fluxbox since it was rewritten to no longer be based off blackbox code.
  • pypanel - since open box comes with no panel, this is an extremely light weight one, it can be configured in ~/.pypanelrc. You’ll need to add this to .config/openbox/ with the line: pypanel &
  • gmrun - will give you a small run dialog upon running
  • obmenu - graphical openbox menu editting app
  • obconf - graphical openbox theme changer, among other options
  • nitrogen - lightweight application to change wallpapers
  • gtk-chtheme - will allow you to change gtk themes. Icon themes and fonts can be specified in .gtkrc-2.0
  • sakura - a light weight tabbed terminal. Easier to configure than aterm, xterm and the like.
  • scrot - a command line screenshot tool
  • kazehakase - a lightweight browser based on the gecko engine (A heads up about the hardy package: you can’t view the preference menu, it’ll crash. You can control most things through it’s config files and about:config)
  • sylpheed - a light weight email application
  • rtorrent - a command line torrent app
  • irssi - command line irc
  • finch - the command line version of finch
  • decibel-audio-player - a light weight gtk based audio app
  • xfburn - a burning application from the xfce suite
  • mirage - an extremely light weight image viewer
  • abiword and gnumeric - lighter office apps when compared to open office.
  • leafpad - extremely lightweight notepad app
  • epdfview - lightweight pdf viewer
  • xarchiver - lightweight archiving and compression tool to replace file-roller with.
  • pcmanfm - tabbed, lightweight file manager.
  • ivman - a behind the scenes auto-mounter. You’ll need to add this to .config/openbox/ with the line: ivman &

Here are some great reads on how to configure openbox:


And that’s it. Log into openbox and get to configuring things the way you want it.

Try only the openbox part of this page; much dangerous advice there:

Great theme I'm using:

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erlenmeyer316 said...

awesome post! a top notch list of apps to install to get you running right off the bat. i'd like to suggest you also add LXAppearance as this will allow you to set gtk themes and icon themes. it took me a while to get pcmanfm set up initially because of the icon theme issue, but with lxappearance it was a breeze. anyway, thanks again!

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